Start Your Own Business

Start Your Own Business

Get Power for Pennies!!

Invest in the RIB (Retail in a Box) & Become Your Own Boss!

What is the RIB? It is your RETAIL STORE IN A BOX!

The PowerUp RIB option is your opportunity to be your own boss! The PowerUp RIB will give you the knowledge, products, and resources needed to start or expand your in-home, brick and mortar or online retail based business.

Experts in the industry of fashion, retail, and entrepreneurship, the PowerUp team is able to give you the tools and resources needed to build a successful and lucrative apparel based retail business. Our RIB options bring all of the resources directly to you. Our perfectly picked retail packages provide the latest in fashion apparel and accessories from all around the world. We are committed to providing you with opportunities to use your creative skills and talents to become an entrepreneur.

Our team understands that it takes a wealth of knowledge to build and grow a business and we have worked hard to put everything at your fingertips! GET ON BOARD TODAY!
Your (3) step process

Attend a PowerUP seminar to get informed on the fundamentals of business, networking, and brand development.
Purchase a PowerUP by NIRO Pocket Book Guide to serve as a constant support through your journey of entrepreneurship and life.
Purchase your (RIB) Retail in a Box and become and entrepreneur today!
Get your POWER FOR PENNIES and Invest in the RIB Package of your choice and began your new life as a Fashion Retail Entrepreneur!

The Golden Key RIB Package Options Include: Resources, Inventory & Business Marketing Kit

Please click the attached RIB Resources and Inventory and Business Marketing Kit for full details.