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Allow our POWER UP pocketbook guides to serve as a tool to a better you and help you unlock the door to your future. The purse design of our book symbolizes power and purpose, and the text serves as the fuel to get you POWERED UP! So we challenge you with this question, What do you currently have in your purse to keep yourself powered up? Is it a set of keys, a wallet, an identification card? These are just a small segment of tools that will unlock the necessary doors to your unique life, fuel the engine to your desire, and separate you from the rest by your individual uniqueness. Allow the PowerUp Pocketbook Guides to serve as another tool to becoming a better you and helping you unlock the doors to your future.

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The Pocket Book Guide to Building Your Fashionable Business is your interactive power tool to dreaming, developing and committing to a new you as s an entrepreneur. It is our philosophy that all successful business strategies are positioned with style which equals creativity and innovation. Our pocketbook guide will share tools on how you can build your fashionable business and stand out among the rest!

Our Pocket Book Guide to Building a Long Lasting Friendship is your interactive tool to building successful relationships! Friends for over 20 years the ladies of PowerUp are business partners, masters of communications, compassion and creativity. Get your guide and learn the keys for building a healthy relationships!