About PowerUP

The National Movement!

Join us on our national movement to PowerUP!! We are so excited to share PowerUP By NIRO! Continuing on with our mission to Excite, Encourage, Educate and Empower, through Fashion. PowerUP is a movement designed to package our nationally recognized curriculum, self-help and entrepreneurial services in an effort to serve a national demographic.

This movement was cultivated by NI, RO and JEN! Three entrepreneurs and life coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience in areas of fashion, retail, entrepreneurship, business, and curriculum development. It is our ultimate goal to use our knowledge and experience to empower you to realize your dreams and move you closer to becoming and entrepreneur.

PowerUP by NIRO is fueled through a series of books, empowerment seminars and entrepreneurial opportunities. Within these tools are our keys to success and stories of our journey to building successful businesses and developing healthy life habits. Join the movement and get powered up!